Construction of Orochi, Parc du Bocasse's 2021 new roller coaster

Construction of Orochi, Parc du Bocasse's 2021 new roller coaster

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Follow with us the progress of the works of the new roller coaster which will open in 2021 at Parc du Bocasse!

When you visited Parc du Bocasse at the end of July 2020, you could notice an earthwork and foundations that we strongly believed belonged to a future roller coaster.

The park shared with us (and we thank them very much for that!) the pictures of the construction of their new 2021 attraction, and it gives us some clues about the theme that the attraction will have! 😊

Located in the jurassic zone of the park, on the back of the Soquet's flume "Splash-O-saure" and not far from the Wild Mouse Zamperla "Jurassic Twister", it will be the fifth coaster of the park. Announced as a new model, it arouses our curiosity and our impatience to know more.

Preview on June 5, 2021


The roller coaster is finished, and the Parc du Bocasse organized for the occasion a preview where coasters fans could test the machine before its opening. As a bonus, with the most famous heads of the parkfans world, we participated in the shooting of the warning video that will be broadcasted in the station. This video will be visible to all the guests who will wait for riding. YouTube or network fans will be able to have fun recognizing who is who. 😜
The fans are numerous on this day to come and test Orochi!
Video shooting was well supervised and no one was going to complain about doing several rides after a "failed" shot. 😜

Works progression

Let's come back to the progress of the project: the ground has changed a lot since our last visits last winter. In spite of this "soft opening" which is reserved for us, the universe of Orochi is still far from being finished and we still cross a certain construction site to reach the station. Nevertheless, the shoes are no longer dirty with dirt on this day! 😜
The view from the Dino Burger's terrace of is very relaxing!
New aerial view on this test day, just to compare with the winter shots.
The entrance has finally its sign, and we naturally discover its name.
Here is the entrance sign that we missed during our previous visits.
Impossible to miss it, it is impressive!
You will notice that the pterodactyl, initially present on the model, has been replaced by a quadruped that will watch over its eggs at the foot of the entrance.
The queue is finally drawn and the surrounding decoration is in progress. We can guess the final shape of some elements of the decor thanks to the wire already installed. When everything will be finalized, no doubt that the immersion in the jurassic will be very good!
Behind the entrance sign.
That's how the queue starts. There is some way to go and we hope you don't fall on a day when you start waiting here. 😅
The line runs along some parts of the course quite closely.
The theming is gradually being installed through the queue. The park had warned us that it was still a "construction site". We can't wait to see the final result when everything will be installed!
No doubt there is still work to be done, but there is already a certain "dinosaur" atmosphere around here.
One of the masterpieces of Orochi will be placed right on this level, above the first drop tunnel. It will be the biggest beast of the attraction and should not leave anyone indifferent.
One recognizes there a paw-paw.
The line passes through a nice tree trunk that marks more or less half the way.
The details are well worked out for those who like to take a closer look.
The boarding in station is done just after the passage of this container.
And there we are!
The station would return to a pleasant calm when the train was sent on its way. 😆
There are 2 or 3 seconds of disturbance during this minute of peace due to the fly-through. 😅
Orochi's operation panel. How beautiful is modernity!
When we leave the ride, we can discover the rest of the layout with other points of view.
The 180° turn that accompanies the steep volcano.
Details of rock.
External view of the intense first helix.
And we took the tour on this day as we made our way back to the entrance of the attraction.
If you were wondering what the "masterpiece" of the coaster decoration will look like, here is its scale model. We can't wait to see the result in 1:1 scale!
You can now compare what has been achieved in reality, and what was planned in the model.
As originally thought, the "O" has been kept, but the name is quite different from what you see here. Also, the pterodactyl has lost its wings and is posed differently on the sign. After all, it's not a pterodactyl anymore. 😜

Testing Orochi

Let's move on to the ride itself; after all, it's to test the beauty that fans justify their presence at the Parc du Bocasse on this day!
In "school trip" mode; everyone follows the guide for the prehistoric adventure!
Comfortably installed in the seat of this new generation Vekoma train, we gently climb the 19 meters high structure. You will have only a few seconds to admire the panorama in height before plunging towards the ground for the first speeds! The sensation felt during this acceleration is pleasant, especially at the back of the train, where we really feel pulled towards the bottom!
And here is the very first train of riders of the day!
This is followed directly by the over banked turn which, without being too intense, sends quite a few positive G's, pressing you right into the seat. Being at the front of the train, the feeling of support will be felt at the entrance of the turn, while at the back, it is at the exit that you feel crushed, while being once again pulled by an acceleration. The coaster has hardly begun and the good impressions are already there! And we still have a trip.
On the walkway after the entrance, people will probably like to admire one of the most powerful element of the ride: the over banked turn, just after the first drop.
The over banked turn seen from its entrance.
Arriving on the first helix, we slowly find a progressive accumulation of positive Gs, crushing us well at the bottom of the seat, without however pushing too much either to avoid pulling the face.
The first helix full of G forces.
Close to the station, we pass quite close to the first helix.
Follows the station fly-through, where riders will not fail to signal their enthusiasm by shouting loudly, to share with the next passengers who board right after. 😜
Joy will be heard through the fly-through.
Another helix follows the fly-through: this one is much lighter than the first one and allows to start the final part of the track, which is composed of multiple direction changes, which are done in the most absolute smoothness.
The second spiral after the station fly-through: lighter and less intense than its sister before.
It is at full speed that the train returns to the station to be slowed down gently to finish its magnificent flight.

Our opinion on the ride

Quite honestly, it is very difficult to find something to say about Orochi! The roller coaster is very satisfying to ride and to ride again as the ride is smooth ! The comfort of the trip is omnipresent from the beginning to the end, and there is not a single millimeter of track where we feel a defect, it is a real happiness! Vekoma has well mastered the design of this family model series, which offers an accessible ride to most family members; we would almost put this ride in the category "family ++". The Parc du Bocasse has made an excellent choice by proposing such a roller coaster for this 2021 season!
The only thing missing is to finalize the decoration that surrounds the attraction for a total immersion!

This will probably be common to all fans, but our preference of the seat obviously goes to the back of the train for more tenfold sensations. If you prefer the view, there's nothing like the first row, but you'll feel a good amount of restraint at the first drop (you can gauge the difference with our onride shots on both rows).

For those who are more fond of strong thrills, they will appreciate the rides at the end of the day, when the train bearings will have turned well: the G forces are intensified, and you can feel your feet pulling quite hard on your body, especially in the first helix. To be consumed in moderation for the more fragile at this time! 😄

Orochi will open to the public on July 1st, 2021.

The other little bonuses of this preview day

With so many enthusiasts in the same place at the same time, this day was placed under the sign of new meetings and also of reunion! The park took advantage of the gathering of test fans to shoot the promotional video of Orochi as well as the warning video which will be broadcasted in loop in the station, while the guests wait for the train to come back to the station. This was an opportunity for everyone to "leave their mark" on the attraction on this day. So, for coasters-fans or Youtubers -ans who have an eye, you can try to recognize when your favorite "influencers" appear while waiting to board. 😜 A shooting carried out under the good mood of Benjamin from Airtime Prod; congratulations to him for his patience and courage!
Let's make way for the pictures dedicated to this day: the park gave carte blanche to all perfectionists wishing to make the best shots, including us.
We tried to find the most original points of view.
The Orochi add-on on the last car!
It doesn't look like it but we work! It's a lot of preparation to do shoots like this. 😋
But nothing compared to what Benjamin had to do, who managed to supervise all this excited school class, and who perfectly mastered all the organization of the shooting of the promotional and warning video.
Behind the scenes of a coaster warning video shoot.

We met Lucas (at the right side behind), a very nice member who represented Ameworld and who had a great time with us!
But we also don't forget Thomas Parkfan, no-nonsense Youtuber 😉

And the dose of selfies that go well with Orochi!
Simple photo-souvenir of a relaxing ride. 😌
But that's not all: the park made the surprise to offer us some ERT on the Fort d'Odin, but also the Splash-O-Saure, ideal to refresh ourselves after this very beautiful sunny day which would have almost fried us.

The surprise that was not part of the program: the park invited all the coasters-fans that we are to ride the Fort d'Odin, whose theming has been completely reworked in 2019. The theming now brings much more character to this Mine Train which was then its former name.
The Fort d'Odin's layout is identical to Bagatelle's Gaz Express, which has also undergone a good re-theming in addition to a retracking.

The good mood resounded everywhere in the group with this discovery, where the maintenance team even made us do two rides in a row for more good times!
As usual, we stopped the dispatch times to fix our camera, and offer you a nice onride of this roller coaster from Soquet!
We took advantage of a closed park to admire the few other rides in rest, which are just waiting to welcome the faithful visitors!
Mega Disk'O Electro Spin.
Finally, water was flowing on the Splash-O-Saure's drop: the park offered us a refreshing surprise by inviting us aboard these logs, also from Soquet! 🌊 A surprise that couldn't have come at a better time with this June sun starting to beat down hard! ☀️

A little souvenir in front of the entrance with Lucas, and the famous Ludo, who we call today, Le Lutécien, and who loves you to "salutécien", although we prefer the variant of his word. 😜
We don't need to introduce ourselves in the foreground anymore, but in the background you can see the Puissance Parcs team that was present on this day, without forgetting Etienne from EDBattraction on the side. A good bunch of fans and the list is still far from being exhaustive!
For your viewing pleasure, an aerial view of the Jurassic Twister, before putting the drone down to put it away. 🙂 And no, this Zamperla Wild Mouse didn't open for the fans, but we'll gladly come back when the park is fully open to (re-)enjoy everything!
And it's over for the Parc du Bocasse today!
There is no need to say, the park teams pampered us with this special fan meeting, and it is true, everyone had a great time sharing and laughing!

We won't be able to list everyone, but here is the wonderful souvenir picture that highlights (or almost) all the participants of the day! Thanks to all of you for your good mood, your smiles, and your fun!
Thanks to all the people of the day for these wonderful memories: Max, Paul, Dolorès, all the fans, but also the discreet maintenance team which constantly ensured to make us happy! The season has started strong although it was not official! There is now only one step left to complete this post: to see the roller coaster surrounded by its complete theming after the opening to the public on July 1st. We will only have to add the images with the final set up to close this great special file on Orochi, from its construction to its opening.

News from Mar. 25, 2021

The test runs of the roller coaster were paused in the first week of March and the Vekoma team returned to the Netherlands. This leaves room for the different teams to work on the surrounding theming, and also time to adjust fixes (minor, rest assured 😜) on the coaster. The Vekoma team will return during April.

During the second week of the month, the Universal Rocks team arrived on site. They will be present for several weeks to build a volcano, the entrance arch to the ride, the "dinosaur" above the tunnel of the first drop, and some rocks to garnish the area.

A first delivery of plants was made during the third week of March. The tunnel has also been painted, and landscaping is underway. The volcano is being shaped.

A second delivery of plants arrived in the fourth week of March. The coaster structure is being painted and the entrance arch is being shaped.
The Universal Rocks team has arrived on site and will remain there for several weeks. They will be working on the volcano on the last big turn, the monster above the first drop tunnel, the entrance arch to the ride and the rocks in the area.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 15th, 2021
No more impression of a concrete construction site, the tunnel is finally repainted in the colours of the supports and accentuate the immersion in prehistory!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
The birth of the volcano that will "surround" the last big turn of the layout.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 15th, 2021
Fortunately, you don't need eruptions and magma these days to create a volcano! 😋
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
The landscape will be captivating when the greenery will be installed.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
Small foot-chopper with this container well placed at the first helix.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
Is the foot-chopper really legal with such close proximity? 😄
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
What are we going to get here?
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
The entrance arch is slowly gaining height. You shouldn't see too much of the iron bars once it's complete. 😜
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 23rd, 2021
You can easily guess the shape the arch will have thanks to the skeleton installed around the masts.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 24th, 2021
The greenery is finally arriving on site! 🌿🌳
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 25th, 2021
These natural elements will perfectly integrate the coaster area, and the track will really blend well with this green which will be home to a very friendly little beast!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Mar. 25th, 2021
See you in April for other news of the progress!

Test runs from Feb. 20, 2021

The park invited us once again on site (this time with EDBattraction, Emma, Teddy and Léo) to have the pleasure to attend the tests of the roller coaster. Let's be clear: of course we did not get on board because the safety commission has not yet validated the ride. But what comes out of it: it is extremely quiet and disconcertingly smooth!

Compared to our last visit, the exit path has been established, the station has been covered, and the fly-through is of the most beautiful effect. It will certainly not be the bearings that will break the ears of the people in the station. 😉

Some questions arose when the park published the photos of the mounted train, and some answers were obtained:
  • On the "patent", it was displayed 1 train of 9 coaches for 20 passengers: this strange calculation is justified because there are 8 identical cars that have only one axle at the rear but nothing at the front, while the very first car has two axles at the front and at the rear. The first car can then hold two rows of seats, while the others only hold one row. So we have 9 cars and 10 rows of 2 people. This makes 20 passengers.
  • If you remove the cross-cylinders between the seats and the frame, as well as the rod connecting the two seats from underneath, you would have a Suspended Coaster with swinging seats. However, it would be likely to knock. 😅
Once the safety commission will validate the ride, the park will focus on the theming of the universe surrounding the coaster throughout the month of March. Once these developments will be completed, the new machine will finally be ready to welcome its visitors, provided that the sanitary conditions allow it, of course.
The skyline of the park is, this year, completely renewed. You won't be able to miss the coaster as soon as you arrive on site! 😍
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Temporary barriers have been installed since testing began with the train.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
So that's why we're here! The beast has arrived and seems to be in good shape to make its race on the track.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
The train matches the colors of the track and it is a real success. 😊
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Notice how the seats are drawn inward.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
It's brand new and beautiful!
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Ready to dispatch! 😜
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
The dummies, filled with water, are used as testers.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
This is the first time that the park is working with pre-constrained wheels: a rubber band ensures permanent contact of the wheels on the rail to avoid play during rolling and thus avoid jolts. In case of wheel wear, a shim thickness can be placed between the rubbers and the support to ensure ideal constraint. The wheels are insured for all seasons.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Close-up on the brake bars in station. These are magnetic and allow to avoid earache when the train comes back to the station due to the absence of "clac-clac-clac".
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
A small part of the Vekoma team is still on site for final adjustments and control of the test runs.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Let's go for test runs!
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Isn't that so beautiful?! 😍
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
It is under a soft silence that the train smoothly crosses all the curves of the layout.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
The holes of the station have been calculated exactly at the right size to give us an accurate impression of collision.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
A silent passage that impresses!
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Here is the gauge that was used in the safety calculations for the width of the train passage.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Although the layout does not include a transfer track, the turn just outside the station has a removable portion. It is thanks to it that the train could be installed progressively on the track. It is the chassis that was installed first, car by car, to be able to fix the seats last.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Raising the wall provides captivating alternative viewing angles.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Let's dive and fly!
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
The track length is not very long, but there will be some nice effects.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
A new exit path has been created, and the view on the coaster is great.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Here you will find thematization with the realization of a volcano.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Shave your feet!
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Note the staircase that slides under the lift if needed.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
And here is our little moment of excitement and happiness with the fixation of our onride camera. Tony is in full concentration! 😉
Get ready for an onride! 😍
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
Your new pledge of quality!
Very comfortable bucket seats.
📅 Feb. 20, 2021
We couldn't resist testing the comfort of the seats. 😜
And that's how we finish the tour of this 20th February at Le Bocasse! We naturally thank the team of the park to have invited us on site to assist to the very beautiful flights of their beast under our fan's eyes. We are conquered and we can't wait to get on board!

But while waiting to be able to enjoy the sweet sensations that this machine promises, enjoy a virtual trip thanks to our onboard camera that the park has authorized us to make. A big thank you to them, again, for their confidence in our demanding perfectionism.

News from the 8th of Feb. 2021

The very first official news of 2021 has arrived! Since our last visit, various interventions have been carried out on the roller coaster. There has been the measurement of the orientation of the rail, and the electrical and pneumatic equipment has been installed. The station building has taken shape and height and is still under construction. The track posts are also being sealed.

And the news we were all waiting for: the park has welcomed the train! It has even been installed on the track and the tests are ready to be carried out. But before the first bearings can be made, a safety gauge will have to check the passing areas to check for collisions.

However, because of the weather and the temperature drops expected this week, the tests are postponed: the attraction cannot operate with temperatures below 4°C. But it's really only a matter of days before the magic happens…!
But what's in those huge gift packages that arrived at the end of January? 🤩 Santa Claus arrived a little late, but hasn't forgotten the Parc du Bocasse! 🎅🏻
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 28, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 28, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 28, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 30, 2021
It's going on track!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 29, 2021

Detailed view on the brand new and beautiful bogies of this inverted coaster.
📷 Parc du Bocasse
First bogies in station.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 29, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 29, 2021
As you go along, the whole train is being assembled.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 29, 2021
Technically speaking, it's ready! Globally speaking, it's almost ready!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 30, 2021

Detailed view of a seat at the factory.
📷 Parc du Bocasse
📷 Parc du Bocasse
📷 Parc du Bocasse

View of the seat in detail at its final location!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 30, 2021
(Almost) Ready to dispatch!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 30, 2021
The park can proudly display the beautiful Vekoma patent on board this beautiful new product 2021 which we can't wait to test! 🤩 Bravo, Parc du Bocasse!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 4, 2021
Summary of the visible data sheet:
- Length: 453 meters
- Type of train: MK905
- 10 row train with 2 passengers per car
- Maximum speed: 19 m/s = 68.4 km/h
- Height above ground: 19.3 meters
- Drop height: 20 meters
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 4, 2021
Let's get back to the track. It is controlled with the tool you see above. It is in charge of checking the orientation measurement of the rail.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 5, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 11, 2021
The station section sees the sky for the last time today with the installation of the station building.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 11, 2021
Snowflakes have covered the Jurassic universe! The station was thus covered in time.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 16, 2021
This panorama at the top of the lift is always nice to look at! 😍🌇
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 22, 2021
The second snowy episode tried to cover the station, without success.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 23, 2021
It's official: there's indeed a station-through/fly-through! Guests in station will be able to see the other passengers overfly for a few seconds, and enjoy the screams of happiness (or terror).
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Jan. 29, 2021
The collision distances are well respected! The sensations will be maximum with the feet that are so close to the elements.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 5, 2021
There should be a nice foot-chopper effect, especially in first row!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 5, 2021
This segment is becoming very interesting.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 7, 2021
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 7, 2021
View on the homecoming, which closes our news section of the day.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Feb. 7, 2021

Hard Hat Tour of the 18th of Dec 2020

We thought our 2020 season would end with a final park visit in October, just before the second containment. This is not the case: this Friday, December 18, the Parc du Bocasse offered us the most beautiful Christmas present in advance by inviting us to the construction site of their next roller coaster. Obviously, there was no ride on the program, but a nice discovery of the progress of the construction site of the Suspended Family Coaster from Vekoma.
The skyline of the Parc du Bocasse will become one of the most beautiful in France: guests will be able to contemplate the new roller coaster of the park from the road for a guaranteed "wow" effect!

The project

The park has had this project in mind for a very long time, even before the arrival of the Jurassic Twister and the Splash-O-Saure. The last two attractions were opportunities for the park which seized them to incorporate them into their offer, thus postponing the "big coaster" project.

At the end of the 2019 season, the park's team decided: "it must be done!". It was then at the IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 in Paris (we were also there!) that the managers met Vekoma physically for the first time. The manufacturer then offers them a tour of their factory to be able to concretize their ideas.

Appointment taken, the park decides to make a jump to Poland before, precisely at Energylandia, to test an existing model of Suspended Family Coaster (Dragon Roller Coaster). The family is largely conquered by this model following the tests which will allow them to place an order with the manufacturer.
The models were proudly displayed in the Din'O'Burger restaurant, and had enough to amaze us! They were made by "AG Imaginairing", the same company that had made the model of the Odin's Fort and visible at the IAAPA Expo Europe 2019.
This model corresponds to the entrance of the future attraction. Since the park is still thinking about the name, we deliberately blurred it on the banner to avoid spreading false information.
However, you will notice the ever-present "O" that the park wants to keep. If you have any ideas, feel free! 😜
The model of the project is wonderful! ⚠️ But beware, not everything you see here will be present on the final rendering either: thanks to this diorama, the park can see what is feasible or not. You will find some elements less (and some more) when the attraction opens.
The effect is striking! Once again, don't think that this rendering will be definitive: as being on an inverted coaster, impossible to see the mouth of the dinosaur in real situation. The monster will certainly be shifted to the side for maximum visibility aboard the train.
When it opens, it will be the only "Suspended Family Coaster" in France. The coaster does not have a name yet because the park is still thinking about it.

It will be the French company Tejix which will install the audio system of the ride. It has already equipped the park of Le Pal (among others), where we could even approach the system during a backstage visit of the Yukon Quad.

Construction site

The layout was completed on December 12, eleven days after the first track part was installed.
Vekoma was eight days ahead of schedule thanks to the smooth progress of the construction site and the interventions of the company MBTM and the construction company Desccamps Lombardo, often called upon by the park. In addition, the latter had a new and innovative positioning system for the installation of the anchors, providing millimetric precision of the foundations for ideal assembly. The supervisors at Vekoma were amazed.
On the other hand, MBTM, which was able to work on construction sites in Walibi Rhône-Alpes, including the recent Mystic, had a positive feeling about the coaster coming out of the Dutch factories: "The manufacturing quality is largely up to scratch".

At this date, there is still a month of work left after all the crane work on the track: final calibration of the rails, electrical installation, beaconing, installation of the engine casings above the lift, addition of the additional emergency platform at the start of the first drop… The various workers working on the site will take care of it when they return to the site after the Christmas holidays.

As for the train, it will be delivered during the first week of February for tests expected in mid-February. It will be the new generation generic train from Vekoma that can be found on STC (as on Hals-über-Kopf in Tripsdrill) as well as other Suspended Family Coaster (Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot Orlando).

Owner tour

This is a "Suspended Family Coaster 450" series model from the manufacturer's catalog. It is a fairly recent design that Vekoma has been offering since 2013 and has not changed to this day.

These latest "next generation" machines have been optimized, designed and imposed under the specifications of the world's largest entertainment company, Disney. The bogies of the vehicles, the technologies used… are now standards of the American company at the manufacturer. It is thanks to the experience gained from Mickey's many projects that the Dutch plant has made progress in recent years.
Sexy curves!
The colors of the roller coaster are "inspired by a famous roller coaster located at the Universal Park in Japan" says Max Chabaille with a little smile. 🙂 At Le Bocasse, we are on a mint color for the track, and chocolate for the supports. A deliberate choice that will allow the attraction to blend as well as possible with the future vegetation of the land that will surround it.

At our level, we overhang the 5 meter high coaster thanks to a retaining wall.
Approaching the rail from the entrance of the park, via the service alley, we notice the first element that shows the power of the beast: an "Over Banked Turn" close to 120°. A very important inclination needed to limit the lateral forces, and where the positive forces will remain quite powerful. The feet of the visitors will pass over their heads, but it will not be an inversion.
Very Over Banked Turn.
Depending on the angle of view, the importance of the track banking differs greatly.
The first drop, although not very steep seen from below, is the highest element of the whole route: from the top of the 19 meters, the rails plunge under the ground, in a tunnel built to the nearest centimeter, so that the train can pass without any trouble. With a fall of just over 20 meters, the train will reach a top speed of 67 km/h (manufacturer's data).
It's a good first drop that passengers will hurtle down.
The tunnel was dug to the centimeter for the passage of the train. With such precision, the maximum height of the passengers will be set around 2.00 m.
The first drop doesn't look as "offensive" as it looks from below.
Approaching the center, we meet a first descending helix rather tight, whose banking is rather important. This still promises good positive G-forces to support you at the bottom of the seat.
First 360° propeller. The inclination of the rail says a lot about the speed of the train when crossing the element; G's at the rendezvous!
At the exit of the helix, the track straightens up and passes over the station for a little lull. A second descending helix, as tight as the first, then follows to pick up the pace.
Positive forces will be at the rendezvous with such tight helixes!
Note how the rail almost shaves the ground, enough to accentuate the shivers thanks to low-level overflights (the ground will still be worked around here).
Finally, the layout continues with changes of direction and small bumps before finishing in station.
Perfect directional transition.

In addition to the tunnel at the bottom of the first drop, this small final drop will be fully covered which will increase the number of interactions with the scenery during the journey.
Last turn before… the station!
The speed effect will be impressive with the speedy arrival to the area, not to mention the noise of the bearings and the screams of the passengers.
As a general rule, the roller coaster layout is rather "flat", but we notice that the rail often "grazes" the ground. We can guess that the speed will be globally high on the whole course and that the interactions with the ground will accentuate the thrills a little bit. Let's bet that the legs of the passengers will often be lifted!

Currently, the ride can still be calibrated because no nuts are tightened, and the supports are simply placed on thin wedges. The sealing of the supports on the foundations will be done once the whole track has been validated. In order to obtain the perfect calibration, it will then be sufficient to play on the adjustment of the supports and not on the track.
We learned a lot of interesting things about track construction and installation techniques. In this picture, we see the foot of the support which is simply placed on small wedges without being fixed to the concrete foundation. The support can hold itself while waiting for all the nuts to be tightened.
A millimetre adjustment: thanks to the shims, the rails can be precisely aligned.
In order to set up the track, two reference centering devices must be aligned at rail level. Once this is done, it is the adjustment of the supports that will perfectly finalize the alignment of the rails between them.
The station will naturally be covered and themed in the colors of the area.
Did you know that? The station gantries are part of the ride's package and are provided by Vekoma. The roller coaster is almost delivered "turnkey".
Here I am already on stand-by line for the 1st row! 😀 On the other hand, my waiting time is going to be very, very long before boarding the train…

Climbing the lift

The park's team invites us to climb to the top of the lift to take advantage of higher view angles. It is with great pleasure that we then climb, for our very first time, the wide steps of the service staircase of an inverted coaster.
Let's go for the tire lift.
Eight boosters (i.e. 16 engines) are needed to push the train to the top. The additional engines ensure continuous service while others are under maintenance.
We were learning during the ascent that part of the staircase of the lift is actually removable. The section concerned, located at the beginning of the ascent, will move laterally to the opposite side of the circuit during the ride operations.
Do you find that the rail runs a little too close to the stairs? Don't panic! Vekoma has planned everything.
A mandatory feature appeared in 2014 following the update of security standards. The "SFC 450" built before this period did not have a staircase, making them more aesthetic.
If the train stops in the lift, the generator set in the area will have to deliver 5 times more power to be able to restart it on its way to the top.
We took advantage of our time at the top of the lift to admire the view we were offered. 🙂 (On the other hand, on board the train, you will only have a few seconds. 😜)
If you found the first drop slightly tilted seen from the bottom, maybe you'll think about it again by looking at it from the top. We admit it, it's a bit scary to be on foot at this level, but it promises great sensations once on board the train!
This model choice is a great addition to the park!

General aerial views

As a bonus, we share with you exclusive aerial views of the ride taken with our drone, which was making its first flights around a roller coaster!
Our DJI Mavic Air 2 takes off to complete our tour of the SFC site with some aerial shots.
Second part of the layout.
This "Sky View", which confirms well the 453 meters of rails of the coaster, ends our visit of the construction site.
We are just waiting for the arrival of the train, and the first tests!


We would like to warmly thank the Chabaille family, who is none other than the park management crew, for their trust in us, for having welcomed us on site, for having taken the time to explain in detail all the points of the construction site related to the roller coaster and also for exchanging all that touches our beautiful passion.

In addition to the construction site, Paul Chabaille took the time to take us for a tour of the park during the hibernation, which we will probably quickly mention in another point. 🙂
Family souvenir at 19 meters high, on the top of our first inverted on foot! (And how cold it was up there! 🥶)

News of Dec. 11, 2020

For the past few days, you may have noticed photos of the construction progress published by Vekoma on social networks. The management has announced that the assembly has started as planned on Tuesday, December 1st. It is planned to install the last rail this Saturday 12th or Monday 14th of December .

The Parc du Bocasse's maintenance team came to provide the company MBTM with valuable help in assembling the attraction. This also allowed them to become familiar with the ride.

Careful control of the quality of the rail.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 19, 2020
The millimeter is de rigueur!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 19, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 20, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 20, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 24, 2020
The elevation of the structure with the assembly of the first rails.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 1st, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 1st, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 1st, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 1st, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 2nd, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 3rd, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 4, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 4nd, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 7, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 8, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 8, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 8, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 8, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 8, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Dec. 10, 2020

News of Nov. 10, 2020

The park announces that the construction is progressing rapidly, and to date, 80% of the foundation work has been completed. Deliveries of rails, columns and other structural elements will continue until the end of the month.

The team of MBTM (Mellet Billon Travaux en Montagne) will assemble the coaster from December 1st. The lockdown does not prevent the continuation of the work, and the schedule of progress remains as the park has imagined it.

The opening of the new attraction to the public is maintained during the 2021 season.
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Sept. 3, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Sept. 7, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Sept. 22, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Sept. 24, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 2, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 6, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 8, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 12, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 29, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 20, 2020
The rails are in place!
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Oct. 29, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 5, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 9, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 10, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 10, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 10, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 Nov. 10, 2020

Sep 16th, 17th, 18th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
Thanks again to the park for all these pictures that keep the suspense of the coaster model that will arrive. 😊
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
I personally have the impression that this photo is the model of the future coaster, but what a mystery! 🤔
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 16, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 17, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 18, 2020

Sep 10th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 10, 2020

Sep 7th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 September 7, 2020

Aug 15th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 August 15, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 August 15, 2020
📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 August 15, 2020

July 31st, 2020

📅 July 31, 2020
First vision from the banks of the Log Flume on this earthwork that we found very imposing.
📅 July 31, 2020
📅 July 31, 2020
First clues that I had spotted and first questions about the future new ride.

July 15th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 July 15, 2020

July 3rd, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 July 3, 2020

June 23rd, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 June 23, 2020

June 9th, 2020

📷 Parc du Bocasse / 📅 June 9, 2020
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