Baron 1898 - Efteling

Help and usage

Coasterr1dd3n is your digital logbook in the form of an application. It allows you to keep an accurate track of all the rides you have done. Thanks to this tracking, you can also get accurate statistics on the different specifications of the roller coaster.

I want to register

Go to the application home and tap the first button "Sign in / Register".
Scroll down the login page to reach the lower content.
The registration field is located at the bottom of the page.
Enter a valid email address to register. This is important: you will receive a unique validation link that you must visit to confirm your registration on Coasterr1dd3n. Then tap the submit button.
Once the confirmation message appears, go check your inbox to validate your email address. If you don't see the validation message, think about checking your junk mail.
In the email, you will find the unique validation link. Touch it (or copy it in your favorite browser) to confirm the registration of your email address.
From this point, you receive the newsletters of Coasterrider but remain invisible on Coasterr1dd3n. You must then finalize your profile on the application.
You then received another email from us containing a temporary password to allow you to manage your account.
Go back to your inbox and copy the temporary password generated by the application. Then go to the login page.
Log in using your e-mail address and the password sent by e-mail.
At this stage, you are logged in. Touch the menu bars.
Then touch your user icon, which takes you to your profile page.
In this area, you can fill in your optional profile information and manage your account options, including the newsletter.
Touch on "Account" to start using Coasterr1dd3n.
Choose a username and save your changes. Your Coasterr1dd3n account will then be ready to use and you can start managing your logbook.

How to add a roller coaster to my list?

You must be registered and logged in to use this feature.
Touch on the floating add button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
The add window will open. Notice the very first input field.
Enter a name of a roller coaster or park, and let the app suggest entries. Then select the roller coaster you want to add.
Then you can :
  • associate the date and time of the ride
  • add specific notes related to the ride
  • add the ride for your friends who are accompanying you if they are also registered on the application
When you're done, touch one of the two action buttons.

Note: you only add rides for your friends. If you add the roller coaster to your wish list, the friends you entered will be ignored.
A confirmation message appears when you have completed the registration of your ride.

I can't find a roller coaster / Contributing to Coasterr1dd3n

You must be registered and logged in to use this feature.
Touch the floating add button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
The add window will open. Notice the very first input field.
If the application does not suggest the roller coaster you are looking for, then touch the message dedicated to the contribution to add it.
Use the fields dedicated to the contribution.
Then enter the park/fairground/showman associated with the roller coaster you wish to contribute.
If the park / fairground is not suggested by the application, touch the dedicated message.
Enter the country of the park / showman if it was not suggested.
As with adding a ride, you can associate the date, time, notes and friends with your contribution.
Press one of the two action buttons to finalize your contribution.
A confirmation message appears when you have contributed.

Although the data is immediately visible to all users of the application, your contribution will be subject to control by us.

How to approve rides added by other users?

You must be registered and logged in to use this feature.
From the home page of the application, go to your profile. You'll notice the notification pop-up that shows you pending rides to validate.
You can also check if you have any pending rides from the website menu.
The notification icon is shown next to the user icon.
When you have rides to validate, a special tab is added to your profile page.
You can then accept or reject the rides added by other Coasterr1dd3n's members.
A confirmation message appears once you have accepted or rejected a ride.

What is a roller coaster?

All the entries you see in the app are, according to Coasterrider, roller coasters that can be counted for your personal log.

This includes, in addition to the traditional layout consisting of a lift (chain, vertical, cable…) or launch area :
  • Sunkid's Butterflies
  • Summer sleds (semi-circular tracks made of steel, concrete or plastic) where the rider also has control of the speed
  • Zamperla's Disk'O
  • Zamperla's Disk'O Coaster
  • Zamperla's Surf's Up
  • "Zip lines with turns" or "Zipline coasters" (and not the classic zip lines) of certain accrobranch parks
  • Wiegand Bobkarts (e.g. Maximus' Blitz Bahn in Toverland)
  • Alpine Coaster where the rider also has control over the speed
  • Bayern Kurve from Schwarzkopf
  • Larson's Fire Ball
  • Zamperla Rockin'Tug
  • Zierer's Kontiki
  • Intamin's first generation Free Fall
  • Intamin Music Express (Slinky Dog Zig-Zag Spin at Walt Disney Studios)
  • The Transdemonium of the Parc Astérix
🛈 Who can do more, can do less: if according to your point of view, you feel that one or more of the models listed above is not a roller coaster and you don't want to count them, just don't add rides.

Versions and structures

The score for unique roller coasters is based on the number of different structures, which themselves have versions.

A structure has one or more versions.

A version identifies the different names, changes or relocations that a roller coaster (the "structure") has had.

On Coasterr1dd3n, you add versions, which allow you to calculate the different structures, and thus establish your final score of unique roller coasters.

In which case is it a version or a structure?

Case of a version

In the case of a name change, relocation or change of owner (for fairgrounds), the structure will have a new version. Therefore, by adding rides of different versions of the same structure, the score will only increase by 1.

Versions may also appear as a result of partial retracking of the structure (< 50% of the original layout), changing the original layout at the opening.

  • Name changes: Space Mountain - De la Terre à la Lune, Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Hyperspace Mountain = 1 structure
  • Relocations: Nigloland's Bobsled, Parc de la Vallée's Bobsled = 1 structure
  • Partial/special retracking: Tonnerre de Zeus at Parc Asterix, with the original layout from 1997 to 2019, then the 2020 retracking = 2 versions = 1 structure

Case of a structure

We consider a new structure (a new roller coaster, so a score that increases) when more than 50% of the original rails have been removed from the main layout to provide new ones.

Obviously, our definition of "retracking RMC" of an old wooden coaster is: an old coaster closes to make room for a new one.

Here are some examples:
  • Efteling's Python, which had new track put in place in 2018. The entire main portion of the layout was replaced with new rails, making it a new structure. Therefore, adding Python rides before 2018, and after 2018, will increase your score by 2.
  • Eurosat CanCan Coaster, which has undergone a replacement of rails on most of the layout, while enjoying some changes on the layout compared to the original one. Therefore, the 1989 Eurosat and CanCan Coaster are indeed two different structures, so a score that increases by 2 if you have added rides for each.
In any case, to know if you are adding a version or a new structure, go to the information sheet of the roller coaster and press the tab "Versions".

🛈 In case you don't agree with our vision and then you want to keep only one structure instead of having several, we advise you to add rides on the same version.

If you notice an error or an inconsistency on any version, do not hesitate to report it.

Möbius rings and multi-rides


In the case of some roller coasters that make several rides (Wacky Worm, Bayern Kurve, Ronde des Rondins…), you only count one ride. No need to add each lap made.

🛈 So in the case of an Apple that passed 5 times in station without stopping, you add only one ride.

Möbius rings

Take Blackpool Pleasure Beach Grand National, which is a perfect example of the Möbius ring:

A train starts at station A, and travels on layout A. As soon as it finishes the journey, this same train will not arrive at the same starting station and will arrive at station B.

When it starts from station B, it will join layout B, and make its way back to station A. And so on.

In this kind of roller coaster, one journey will count as a structure. That is, you will find in the search :
  • Grand National (left station) = 1 structure
  • and Grand National (right station) = 1 structure
so the possibility to increase your score by 2 by starting from a different station.

🛈 If you are not satisfied with this rule and prefer to increase the score by only 1, add only one entry. Ideally, in this choice there, it will make you start at station A and return to station A to add the ride. (Starting at station A and returning to station B will only count as a half ride.)

⚠️ Do not confuse "Möbius rings" with "Dual launch station": in the second case, there are indeed two stations (A and B) but they merge to a single layout (Examples: Big Thunder Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain, Kingda Ka, Manta, Tatsu…)

When can I add a ride?

A roller coaster ride has been completed when you have officially boarded from a boarding station and disembarked at a disembarking station.

🛈 A ride is not counted:
  • if you just passed or saw the ride (you have to board it)
  • if the train did not finish its ride because of a breakdown (= the ride started but it ended on mid-course brakes run)
🛈 In the exceptional case that you were able to board the train, but it broke down on final brakes, you have free will on whether or not to add the ride.